Toklat T3 Shim Dressage Half Pad with Pro-Impact Insert

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T3 Shim Dressage Half Pad with Impact Protection
An all-in-one pad with Impact Protection inserts and shims. Lightweight and ultra-thin Pro-Impact inserts cushion, protect, and absorb up to 90% of the energy transferred between horse and rider. Shims allow rider to adjust an imperfect saddle fit, or compensate for asymmetrical muscle development. Build up side to side or front to back, as needed. This pad is not intended to be used with all of the shims at one time.
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with three internal, full-length pockets on either side of the spine
  • Each pocket is pre-filled with two 1/4" customizable felt shims for a total of twelve shims
  • Shims and Impact Protection inserts are accessed through Velcro closure along spine
  • Quilted ETC™ fabric on top and bottom provides non-slip properties without using friction
  • Can be used on top of any lightweight, quilted saddle pad
  • Machine washable and line dry (Inserts and Shims must be removed prior to washing)