Roeckl Roeck-Grip Winter JR

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A smaller version of the original: the ROECK-GRIP WINTER JUNIOR developed by ROECKL SPORTS is the unmistakable glove for children who love horseback riding. ROECK-GRIP® is highly breathable, supple and elastic. In short: it fits children’s hands like a second skin. At the same time, it provides the excellent grip and tactility they need when handling the reins. For this winter model, the ROECK-GRIP® was additionally laminated with a warm and soft fleece lining. The lamination process prevents the two layers from becoming twisted, ensuring an excellent grip and tactility for handling the reins. The glove tailors from Munich also focused on the processing quality: the glove’s individual components are meticulously sewn together by hand. Maximum seam tolerances of just one millimeter are merely a tangible quality criterion, however, because comfort itself cannot be physically measured. It’s the cuts and proportions that make all the difference. This is where ROECKL benefits from more than 180 years of experience in the art of glove-making. Convenient: the ROECK-GRIP WINTER JR is machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit). The characteristic fastener with the stylized hand logo reliably secures the glove around the wrist.