Kavalkade Vegan Reins "Cortica" Made of Cork

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Vegan, sustainable and unique - reins "Cortica" made of cork

Products made of cork have long been used outside of equestrian sports as a sustainable alternative to leather. In equestrian sports, however, they are not very common. We would like to change this from now on. As one of the few equestrian sports companies, we now offer vegan riding accessories made of cork. We want to leave a sustainable footprint and offer vegan horse lovers a great alternative to leather. The products were developed for almost two years and put through their paces, changed and adapted again and again. This resulted in our sustainable and vegan "Cortica" collection, consisting of bridles, reins, breastplates, browbands, chaps, ankle boots and spur straps.

The vegan rubber reins "Cortica" are the perfect addition to the vegan bridle. The end pieces and the martingale stoppers are made of cork. They are 16 mm wide and have five bars on each side.

- vegan rubber reins "Cortica" made of cork
- sustainable, unique and easy to care for
- 5 bars per side
- 16 mm wide

Cork fabric - the vegan leather
Sustainable & vegan
As the bark of the cork oak, cork is a renewable, biodegradable raw material. The cork oak can live more than 300 years and is peeled by hand about every 12 years during its life. This makes the tree more resilient and ensures long-lasting cork oak forests that protect against soil erosion and bind many times the amount of CO2 compared to other trees. A large proportion of cork oaks grow in Portugal, where they represent a very important ecosystem for many rare animals.

Durable & unique
Cork fabric, also called cork leather, is very tear-resistant and hard-wearing and also water-repellent. The cork sheets of the bark are connected to larger sheets with an organic glue and cut thinly. Then they are put together like a jigsaw puzzle and applied to a fabric carrier material, sealed and can finally be further processed as cork material. Like leather, every cork fabric is a very special one-off.

Easy care Cork products are only cared for by lightly wiping them with a damp cloth or sponge.