Kavalkade Ivy Bridle With Lambskin

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Our bestseller from the Ivy collection!
The "Ivy Lambskin" bridle has an English combined noseband. The side straps are sewn to the noseband with a bow. On the one hand, this relieves the nerve tracts to the mouth and on the other hand, the special curved cut with contrasting seams and decorative embroidery gives a chic look when riding. The head piece on the "Ivy Lambskin" is significantly wider than on conventional head pieces. In addition, it is cut so anatomically that the horse's ear play cannot be disturbed. The noseband and headpiece are softly padded and nestle comfortably against the contours of the horse's head.
The lambskin is connected to the bridle with Velcro. This makes it removable and easy to clean. The lambskin is on the parts of the horse's head where pressure points can easily develop: the poll, the bridge of the nose and near the cleft of the mouth.

- English combined noseband, adjustable on both sides
- lambskin with Velcro, removable for cleaning
- padded headpiece and noseband
- contrasting seams and decorative embroidery
- noseband with special curved cut
- extra wide curved headpiece with ear freedom
- curved leather browband
- including rubberized reins with bars

Use of the bridle Ivy Lambskin, English combined
The bridle Ivy Lambskin has an English combined noseband, which keeps the mouth closed with the noseband and flash strap, but gives the horse enough freedom to chew. It is important that both straps are not pulled too tight and that two fingers fit between the horse and the closed strap. English combined nosebands are used in almost all equestrian sports.
Genuine lambskin ensures good blood circulation and breathability. Unlike artificially manufactured materials, lambskin adapts perfectly to the horse's contours and is not compressed. It serves as a buffer against shock and pressure.
The Ivy lambskin is ideal for horses that are sensitive to pressure. The extra-wide poll piece and the soft noseband, which adapts to the horse's shape, ensure that the horse feels comfortable and is less sensitive to pressure.