Kavalkade Bridle Julianna English Noseband with Flash

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Bridle "Juliana" KavalSH4

The dressage bridle "Juliana" KavalSH4 with an english nb. with flash not only impresses with its chic look, but also with its high level of comfort: The headpiece has a gel padding in the ear area that is particularly soft and cuddly. The soft padding dampens the pressure in the sensitive ear area. In addition, the headpiece has an anatomical shape to give the ears enough freedom. The nb. is softly padded and has also an anatomical cut. The browband with its curved shape and the large white rhinestones looks absolutely chic on every horse's head. The bridle comes with slim reins with stop ridges.

KavalSH4 – removable flash without any visible attachment
Bridles with the addition "KavalSH4" are bridles, where the flash can be removed. The special thing about it is, that the flash attachment is not visible, as with conventional bridles with removable flash. Unlike conventional bridles with visible attachment for the flash, the bridles with KavalSH4 are LPO registered.

- english nb. with flash
- removable flash without any visible attachment (KavalSH4)
- slim reins with stop ridges
- pressure relieving gel padding in the neck area
- nb. softly padded and anatomically cut
- throat lash
- curved browband with big white rhinestones