Horze Neoprene Stirrup Covers - Black

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  • Soft Neoprene Stirrup Sleeves: These covers are a fast and simple way to protect your saddle: just slip them over your irons when not in use! Dimensions: 6.5" across and 8" deep.
  • Prevents Scratching and Rubbing: Covering your irons when you are not riding will reduce wear and tear to keep your saddle in great condition.
  • Easy to Attach: Convenient holes through each of the covers means you can slip the stirrup leathers through for a secure fit.
  • Set of Two: Comes in a pack of 2, one for each iron.

Choose this functional pair of neoprene stirrup covers to protect your saddle from damage.

The Horze Neoprene Stirrup Covers are black soft fabric wraps the go around the stirrup for protection. Neoprene.