Gastro Gold III Equine Ulcer Prevention

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Highly effective inhibitor of acid secretion in horses, creating a favorable environment to prevent ulcers and reoccurrence. Ulceration symptoms include diarrhea, poor growth, abdominal pain, salivation, bruxism, poor quality hair coat, poor performance and decreased consumption of concentrates. Gastric ulcers effect up to 90% of thoroughbreds and 60% of show horses.

Gel features Lacta Shield technology to help coat, soothe and shield stomach wall from acid, while allowing other ingredients maximum absorption and effectiveness. Contains 2.28 gm omeprazole, 2 gm l-glutamine and 2 gm calcium lactate.

Paste features Carbo Shield technology to protect key ingredients, which allows maximum absorption and effectiveness by neutralizing harsh stomach acid. Contains 2.28 gm panaprasec, 1 gm l-glutamine and 0.7 gm sodium acid carbonate.

Directions: Administer full syringe orally on the back of the tongue once daily in ulcer cases. Once ulcer symptoms are gone, continue at 1/4 tube daily on maintenance dose to combat ulcer reoccurrences.