Deinhardt Designs Impulsion and Straightness Dixie Sleeveless Training Shirt

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stages where dressage training emphasizes impulsion and the development of straightness. Here, we introduce printed shirts that stand as vibrant testaments to the energy and precision inherent in these stages. Each print tells a story, capturing the spirit of equine athleticism and the artistic depth of our watercolor creations. These shirts celebrate the journey towards impulsion and straightness, echoing the dynamic progression of dressage.

As each shirt bears the name of an influential woman in our lives, we honor their unwavering support, dedication, and passion that have guided us forward. These women embody the very essence of the equine spirit – their determination and grace mirror the strength of our designs. With each print, we pay homage to their unique stories, the way they have elevated our lives, and the echoes of their influence that resonate in every stitch and brushstroke.

  • UPF 30+ ultra-violet protection
  • Breathable lightweight fabric of 90%  polyester/ 10% spandex
  • Quarter-zip neckline
  • Antibacterial odor reduction