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Apart from locking into place easily, elastic laces are also designed so that they wrap over the foot snugly. In fact, shoes that utilize elastic shoelaces are often designed to mold itself around the foot as well. This provides a snugger fit, and reduces the chances of the shoe falling off.

Although they follow the same basic design principle as traditional shoelaces, they have a number of innovative touches that make them better suited to specific applications. Elastic laces are especially useful for athletic footwear, shoes for the elderly, and shoes for children.

One of the main advantages of elastic laces is how easily they can be fastened and unfastened. For athletes, being able to put on and remove shoes quickly can be a tremendous advantage, especially for triathlons, cross-country events, and the like. In such a scenario, being able to undo the shoelaces quickly can help shave off precious seconds, which may spell the difference between victory and failure.

Elastic shoelaces are also handy for the elderly, who may have difficulty bending down long enough to tie up traditional laces. For elderly users, being able to fasten their shoes securely can be beneficial in terms of encouraging more physical activity such as walking and hiking. Because they can do so without the assistance of anyone else, their dependence on other people is reduced as well. This can help them retain independence for much longer, and possibly help improve their quality of life.