Epona Quilted Cloud Cloth

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Epona Quilted Cloud Cloth is extra soft and highly absorbent to clean, dry, and finish your horse's coat. The fluffy Quilted Cloud Cloth is plush and gentle for faces, ears, and sensitive areas on your horse.

  • Fluffy and soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • Reversible
  • Gentle for sensitive areas
  • Versatile for many uses

Try the Epona Quilted Cloud Cloth for applying fly repellent, drying legs after rinsing, cleaning the dock area, and more. You'll probably want a few of these cloths for specific tasks. The Quilted Cloud Cloth is perfect for use as ring side towel at the shows for dust removal and a shiny finish for your horse and tall boots.  Add a soft microfiber plush cloth to your leather care kit for safely buffing and shining boots and fine leather belts. Epona Quilted Cloud Cloth is affordable and versatile, perfect for busy horse owners.